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A terrorist attack involving chemical and/or biological warfare agents is seen by some analysts as a growing possibility. Decontamination and restoration strategies developed for the military, are also being considered for high value domestic facilities like financial centers and unique cultural sites. Studies utilizing ozone as a decontamination strategy have shown that it is an excellent biocide that leaves no residue behind.

Ozone destroys the chemical agents used by bioterrorist                   SanusAer high output ozone generators are a useful tool in terrorist attacks involving anthrax
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Reactive gases, such as ozone, are the only effective means of neutralizing biohazards that are hidden in cracks / crevices and other hard to reach spaces. Ozone gas is a biocide that provides safe, thorough, and complete decontamination while having the capability of oxidizing residual amounts of chemical warfare agents as well.

Problem: Anthrax, ricin, botulinum, smallpox and even plague have been mention as possible biological warfare agents that could potentially be used by terrorists to wreak havoc on our open society. With the proper delivery systems, terrorists could use these deadly biohazards to threaten our very way of life. Mass contamination of highly populated targets could lead to catastrophe and death on a scale never seen in history. And without the proper decontamination and restoration strategies, attacks of this nature could lead to long lasting suffering and the loss of some of our freedoms.

Solution: Scientific studies confirm that ozone is a very effective biocide, capable of deactivating biohazards, while leaving no chemical residues behind. Ozone's advantage in these types of decontamination applications relate to the fact that as an 'active' gas, it is capable of treating very hard to reach areas, literally anywhere air currents travel. Additionally, as nature's strongest oxidant, it is also able to oxidize chemical warfare agents. Most importantly, there are no residual chemicals left behind as ozone converts to clean, breathable oxygen after its relatively short half-life.

Note: The protocols for the use of ozone to decontaminate the after effects of a bioterrorism incident are just now being developed; but the use of high output generators like the SanusAer units will definitely be required. The decontamination process will require (1) the gross clean-up of the biohazard; (2) clean-up of specific surfaces and spaces directly involve; and (3) the overall decontamination of the area, including 'hard-to-reach" areas, such as ductwork or cracks / crevices.

Always read the SanusAer® manual before operating the unit, and reference the specific treatment recommendations provided. This unit can be dangerous if not used properly.

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