Ozone: Nature's Most Effective Deodorizer

By Brooks / Dan

February 23, 2014

The use of Ozone as an odor elimination strategy is gaining popularity as more powerful Ozone Generators, like SanusAer®'s high output ozone generator series, have entered the market.  Ozone, an environmentally-friendly substance that attacks odors at the molecular level, is made from oxygen in an ozone generator through a process known as Corona Discharge. 

Using smoke damage as an example, the on-going chemical reaction that creates the odor, must be attacked at the molecular level instead of being masked by a scent or perfume to be a truly effective odor elimination strategy.  As with any chemical reaction, the concentration of the ozone is important and why it is absolutely necessary to reach high ozone concentration levels to have an effective treatment.  Many ozone generators on the market today lack sufficient output to successful attack the odors at the molecular level.    

Ozone is one of nature's most powerful oxidant, a class of chemicals that breaks down organic compounds, (second only to fluorine).   But Ozone is safe, made from Oxygen and is a very reactive gas, that can permeate anywhere air currents travel.  Operating at the atomic level, ozone pulls apart the long chain molecules responsible for odors, thus halting the chemical process. 

Ozone is scientifically proven to be effective against all kinds of odors including those generated by pets, cooking, mold / mildew, nursing home, smoke, vomit, skunks, agricultural odors, tobacco smoke and most other "organic" odors.  Ozone treatments oxidize these odors, breaking them down into their natural components: water, carbon dioxide, sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen.  By this same process, Ozone is often used to convert pollutants such as ammonia, mercaptans, sulfides and other organic materials into inert, non-odorous components.    

Additionally, because there are no chemical inputs or high-value consumables, using ozone generators is actually a green technology.  No harmful chemicals are ever released into the environment, because Ozone simply reverts back into clean breathable Oxygen after a short half-life.   

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