How Much Ozone Do You Need for an Effective Shock Treatment

By Brooks / Dan

December 6, 2014

The measure of an ozone generator's output is the number of milligrams of ozone produced per hour, or mg/hour. To be an effective tool for odor removal and sanitization, an ozone generator must produce enough ozone to saturate the treatment area. The general rule of thumb is that every 1,000 mg of ozone production will treat 1,000 ft3, which is roughly a 10' x 10' room with 10' high ceilings. Of course, the severity of the problem (usually determined by smell for an odor) is a determinant of the ozone output or exposure length required to remediate the area. For instance, a skunk odor requires more treatment than a casual cigarette lit in an otherwise 'clean' room. An additional consideration concerns whether the treatment area is a vacant space with hard surfaces, or a furnished space with porous surfaces (like carpeting, drapes, furniture, etc,). The more porous materials in the treatment area, the more ozone exposure is required to get an effective treatment.

Our SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators are specifically designed for 'shock treatment' output levels, whereas many of the generators on the market today, do NOT have enough ozone output to be effective in shock treatment applications.

Please see the attached video for more information:

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