Water Damage Restoration: Steps Involved with Restoring Your Home After A Flood

By Brooks / Dan

June 2, 2015

If you’ve been the victim of severe water damage in your home, or business then you may be wondering how you’ll ever recover! Water damage restoration is an involved process that can be overwhelming. In simplest terms, there are three steps to water damage restoration:

Extraction of Water and Sewage

The first step involves identifying moisture-laden areas and removing any and all water. This includes water that is visible, as well as water that may be hiding in walls or other parts of your home’s structure. Water can be removed using high-power vacuums, water extractors, or dehumidifiers.


The next step is a cleaning and physical restoration to ensure that your home’s structure and fixtures are back to their original condition. One of the most important steps in this process is mold remediation. Mold growth is common in damp, wet conditions and can spread within 24 to 36 hours throughout your home. Eliminating mold growth is critical to ensure the health of your home and family.


Professional flood remediators use industrial-strength cleaning agents to disinfect your home and prevent the  spread of mold and bacteria. Their secret weapon of choice is ozone, which is a very strong oxidant / disinfectant and because it is a gas, can be effectively used to treat homes, offices, and buildings contaminated by flood waters. This critical step in the restoration process ensures that your home will be as safe and odor-free as it was before the disaster occurred.

If you have to do any clean-up on your own, be sure to use the same equipment, SanusAer® High Output Ozone Generators, used by professionals to deodorize, disinfect, and destroy the pollutants associated with flood waters. To learn more about the powers of ozone, please see the SanusAer website at the following link:


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