Speaker John Boehner's Office Gets the Ozone Treatment to Eliminate Tobacco Odor

By Brooks / Dan

November 10, 2015

The new House Speaker, Paul D. Ryan, has a serious problem, now that he’s inherited John Boehner’s office. You see, Boehner is a life long smoker, and his office smells like an ash tray.  Ryan, a health nut who exercises frequently, does not like the smell of his new digs.  He told Chuck Todd on Meet The Press recently, “You know if you ever go to a hotel room or get a rental car that’s been smoked in, that’s what this smells like.”  Fortunately, Ryan has found a solution.  “They have these o-zone machines apparently, that you can detoxify the environment,” he told Todd.  Of course, at Advanced Purification, we couldn’t be more pleased! 

What does a powerful politician like Ryan know that others don't? Simply that ozone is nature's most powerful oxidant, capable of eliminating horrible smoke odors like those in John Boehner's office.  Ozone is capable of breaking down the long-chain bonds of the smoke molecules embedded in fabric materials, thus destroying the odor at its source. Ozone literally "disassembles" odors at a chemical level. Of course, because ozone is an extremely fast-acting oxidant, it makes fast work of tobacco orders as well as virtually ALL odor sources. Best of all, it converts back to clean breathable oxygen, so there are no chemicals left behind. A SanusAer® high output ozone generator is also very effective in buildings that have suffered fire and/or smoke damage.  

Tobacco smoke or any smoke damage is very difficult to eliminate, because the source of the problem is gaseous, and has typically invaded every surface in an office. Because it is very difficult to physically clean every surface of a room with standard cleaning chemicals and mechanical methods, many people resort to "air fresheners" to mask the odor. Of course, this strategy is not only ineffective, it is also dangerous, because the "chemicals" in air fresheners include phthalates which are proven bad actors. Masking the odors is never the best approach, it is better to attack the odors chemically, and permanently destroy them at their source. 

Advanced Purification "The Indoor Air Quality Experts," is the manufacturer of the SanusAer® line of high output ozone generators used by professionals nationwide to deodorize, disinfect, and destroy the pollutants that poison the indoor air. The company began as a service provider, treating residential and commercial buildings for problem odors and sick-building syndrome.  It was during this time, that they designed a generator, unique to the industry, capable of delivering high concentrations of ozone necessary for "shock treatments."  Advanced Purification is rapidly expanding it's operations through licensing of their technology to independent operators nationwide.  To learn more about Advanced Purification and the SanusAer technology, visit www.SanusAer.com or call toll free (877)979-PURE [7873].

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