An Affordable Tool Every Homeowner Should Own!

By Brooks / Dan

April 23, 2016

An Affordable Tool Every Homeowner Should Own!

The old adage, 'your home is your castle,' has always meant that everyone is comfortable and feels safe in their own home.  Most people are so comfortable, that they are immune to the smells that build up due to pet odors or odors from cooking, smoke, or even mold & mildew.  Your friends don't mention the offending odors, just as you'll never mention the smells you pick up in their home.  When the homeowner recognizes the problem, often their first response is to "mask" the odors with sprays and plug-ins.  Besides being ineffective, these masking products are actually dangerous, because they are designed to be inhaled, and the chemicals in these products are known bad actors (like Phthalates and Terpene). 

The homeowner should never have to stop cooking in their home, or get rid of their pets or make other lifestyle changes that contribute to problem odors.  Isn't there a better solution?  Yes, there's a technology that's been around for over a century, that is a safe and effective way to manage problem odors.  In fact, today this tool is being used to effectively sanitize and destroy odors at their source in the following industries: hospitality, medical, food & beverage, fire, flood, & mold remediation, and fitness/sports. 

Until recently, this technology has been primarily used by industry, and was not an affordable solution for most homeowners.  Today, thanks to competition and recent design developments, this tool is now available for about the cost of a vacuum cleaner.  So what is this age old solution now available to the homeowner?  Ozone, and it will transform your home (car, boat, or RV)!  There's one brand on the market today that is revolutionizing the industry with a completely unique design: the SanusAer® line of high output ozone generators by Advanced Purification.  Homeowners can now own this green technology from the past to safely eliminate problem odors and sanitize their indoors TODAY. 

Before the SanusAer design, the only options were "cannon-style" generators, that projected ozone horizontally.  These 'cannons' are difficult to use and have to be elevated during operation (on expensive stands or clunky door hangers), because ozone is heavier than air.  SanusAer developed the "Vertical Flow System™" which projects ozone out of the top of the generator, eliminating the need to elevate the unit.  These generators are portable, easy to store, and just like a carpet shampooer, can be loaned out to family members in need!  The SanusAer design is more maintenance friendly than the cannons, and is built to last.  Advanced Purification stands behind their SanusAer generators with a 30-day, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee, as well as a  5-year Warranty.     

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