Restaurant / Bar Odor Removal

By Brooks / Dan

November 19, 2016

Restaurant / Bar Odor Removal

Restaurant and Bar patrons are really turned off by problem odors.  When people are eating out, everything must be perfect.  Ensuring that your establishment is clean and odor free is a must for success in the hospitality business, and SanusAer® ozone generators are the proven solution.

Eating and drinking establishments build up odors from the food and beverages they prepare, as well as other factors such as body odors, humidity in the kitchen, and smoke. SanusAer Ozone generators are a powerful odor eliminator that will destroy restaurant / bar odors at their source, while killing microorganisms such as mold and mildew. The result is a fresh smelling facility and a much better experience for your staff and patrons.

SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators Are Very Effective Odor Eliminators for Restaurants

Problem: Odor causing microorganisms and cooking vapors get trapped on walls and ceilings, as well as carpets, flooring, furniture and fabrics.  They can even reside in the ductwork and a multitude of hidden crevices throughout the facility.  Of course, any residue from food and beverages will lead to the growth of microorganisms which, in turn, will contribute to the accumulation of odors in the establishment. 

The Science Behind SanusAerSolution: The best way to remove restaurant / bar odors is to run the SanusAer Ozone Generator after the facility closes, when it is vacant.  Have the last person who leaves at night turn the unit on and allow the generator to run for several hours, oxidizing the odors and reducing the microorganism count. The unit should be set to turn off a couple of hours before your prep staff arrive in the morning.

Note: The fan on the thermostat for the HVAC system can be turned to the ON position during the treatments to more effectively circulate the ozone, and to eliminate any odor sources that have built up inside the ductwork.

Professionals Every Where are Discovering the Amazing Powers of SanusAer

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