Fire & Smoke - Odor Elimination

December 3, 2016

Fire & Smoke - Odor Elimination

SanusAer® High Output Ozone Generators are the most effective method for permanently removing odors that result from fire damage, tobacco smoke, or cooking.

Smoke Odor resulting from a fire in the home, office, restaurant, or bar, is intolerable for most people, and it can be very dangerous to one's health. Smoke odor removal using SanusAer® shock treatments is the most effective treatment method for smoke damaged buildings.  SanusAer high output ozone generators are also very effective against ALL odors in buildings, because ozone is one of the strongest oxidants known in nature.

Problem: Smoke odors from a fire are very difficult to eliminate, because the source of the problem is chemical, and since smoke is gaseous, it will invade every surface in a building.  It is very difficult to physically clean every surface of a room with standard cleaning chemicals and mechanical methods, so when faced with smoke damage, some people resort to "air fresheners" that only mask the odor.  Of course, this strategy is not only ineffective, but it is also dangerous, because the "chemicals" in air fresheners include phthalates which are proven bad actors. 

 SanusAer Ozone Generators Can Effectively Eliminate Odors from fire, smoke, cooking, and pets

Solution: To eliminate smoke odor, close off the area to be treated and place a SanusAer high output ozone generator in the room, set the timer, and let the ozone attack smoke odors at their source, permanently eliminating them.  Of course, the area must be vacant, (no People, Pets, or Plants), during the treatment.  The ozone will follow the same path that the smoke took throughout the building, so it removes the smoke smell from soft materials such as carpets, clothing and upholstery.  The length of the treatment depends on the odor.  Based upon the severity of the fire, an ozone treatment may take less than an hour; or it could take a couple of days.  As always, allow the O3 to dissipate for at least two hours prior to re-occupying space.

SanusAer Ozone Generator Unique Design Projects Ozone out of the top of the machine to ensure optimal gas dispersal

Note: The fan on the HVAC system may be turned to the ON setting to circulate the ozone gas which will also remove the smoke odor inside the ductwork and the air handling unit as well. For long term treatment it is recommended that one window be kept open about 2 inches to provide a constant source of oxygen to the unit for ozone creation.

 Safe and Effective, SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators Disinfect, Deodorize, and Destroy Indoor Pollutants

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