Elder Care - Safe & Odor Free Assisted Living

By Brooks / Dan

February 26, 2017

Elder Care - Safe & Odor Free Assisted Living

Putting a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is a difficult decision made more difficult by the prospects of your family having to deal with the risks of the germs left behind by the previous resident.  Fortunately, removing odors and dangerous bacteria in Assisted Living and Nursing Home environments is now possible with the SanusAer® high output ozone generators.

Odors are evidence that dangerous bacteria or mold are present and pose a potential threat to your residents. SanusAer® ozone generators will eliminate these odors at their source by destroying the hidden microorganisms behind them. Opportunistic bacteria in Elder Care facilities, including MRSA, VRSA, C-diff, and others, will be safely and effectively eliminated with shock treatments of Ozone. The exclusive SanusAer® design provides the most effective delivery of Ozone to a given treatment area, resulting in a faster, more complete room sanitization.   

 The Best Ozone Generator Begins with the Most Innovative Design

ProblemHospital smell is that unique combination of body odors, waste and bodily fluids, food / beverage spills, that not only permeates the furniture, drapes, bedding, and carpet, but can attach to hard surfaces like walls and ceilings as well. The presence of microorganisms in these environments almost ensures that odor problems will persist. Cleaning the room with standard chemicals and methods can't address the odors, because they are often hidden and masked by the fragrances in the cleaning products. 

Solution Ozone is the most effective cleaning agent in these situations because it is a gas that will reach everywhere air currents travel, thus disinfecting / sanitizing surfaces not available to the housekeeping staff. After the traditional cleaning is complete, a SanusAer high output generator is brought into the unoccupied room and set-up on a timer, discharging Ozone gas, for a pre-determined treatment time. After the time shuts off the unit, the room is allowed to "air-out" for a period of about an hour before the room can be occupied. 

Scientifically Proven to Disinfect, Deodorize, and Destroy the pollutants that poison the indoor environment

Note Care should be taken to ensure that the Ozone does not travel outside the treatment area.  Often this involves determining whether the air handling system is common to adjacent rooms, and blocking off vents that could transport the gas to other areas. Access doors may also be taped off to prevent the gas from leaking into the halls. 

Treating a room with Ozone ensures that the next occupant will not be living in the filth / bacteria / odors from the previous resident. New patients, their family, and visitors will enjoy a fresh smelling room, that has been disinfected by Ozone, made safe by the elimination of the microorganisms behind the odor.

Built in America by Patriots, SanusAer Ozone Generators are certified

For more information on the SanusAer line of high output ozone generators and additional applications for their amazing odor elimination capability, please visit our website at:



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