Poultry Operations - Ozone Improves Production

By Brooks / Dan

April 23, 2017

Poultry Operations - Ozone Improves  Production

Problem: Pathogens have been and will continue to be a major issue in the food industry at all levels, especially Campylobacter with its ability to spread with ease and extremely low amount required to cause illness. Conventional cleaning is not always effective in large scale commercial farms due to the size and scope of the operations, so the potential for rapid microbiological growth exists.  Several factors result, including persistent odor problems, shortened lifespan, low weight, and disease outbreaks.

Introducing Ozone into Poultry Production Houses Improves YieldThe number of uses for a broad based sanitization technology like SanusAer's Ozone Generators in chicken farms and egg farms have exploded in recent years.

Solution: Introducing ozone into the production houses, reduces bacterial growth.  It also works on the gaseous compounds that are the by-products of poultry production, reducing odors.  In fact, ozone was tested on three different poultry farms, with an average flock size of 80,000 each.  Several parameters including % of birds alive, average weight, and bacteria count were measured a year before and after the installation of the ozone generators. The percent of birds alive rose from an average of 96.1% to 97.2%, which is an increase of about 900 chickens.  The average chicken weight rose from 4.05 lbs to 4.15 lbs.  The birds experience better weight gain because they were healthier and thus less likely to become sick because of the ozone. The total bacteria decreased from over 100 ppm to less than 2 ppm.  The decrease in total bacteria shows the effectiveness of ozone as a sanitizer, which should result in the use of less vaccines and drugs, translating into healthier products for the consumer.

Note: A broad based sanitization strategy like ozone is not only very effective, but it has several advantages:          (1) There is no on site storage of dangerous chemicals, because the SanusAer generators product high quantities of ozone on site.  (2) Ozone is environmentally friendly, because it converts to clean, breathable oxygen shortly after a treatment.  (3) It is able to disinfect the surfaces in very large spaces with minimal effort. 

For more information, please visit: www.SanusAer.com or call (877) 979-7873

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