Natural Solutions for Home Odors

By Brooks / Dan

May 24, 2018

Natural Ways To Curb Musty Odor

Everybody looks forward to summer!  But have you ever noticed that with hot Summer days comes a musty smell in your home that is difficult to remove?  The smell can be as bad as a fish market!  Ever wonder why this musty odor reappears every year? Perhaps the reason is a collection of moisture at the foundation due to clogged gutters.  Or, maybe there's a roof leak.  Whether it is a structural issue, or a faulty bathroom exhaust fan, you have an odor that requires attention!

More importantly, in addition to the odor, you may also experience health conditions like Respiratory Illness, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronicle Headaches, or flu-like symptoms, which can be downright dangerous. 

What steps can a homeowner take to help alleviate these symptoms and eliminate the odor?  Here are some simple steps all homeowners should consider:

  • Open windows to let fresh air circulate throughout the house; (make sure there are screens in place).
  • Green plants naturally detoxify air, so make sure your house has plenty of them!
  • HEPA-filter in your HVAC system is a must, and it is also important to regularly vacuum the home with a vacuum that has a HEPA-filter.
  • Baking soda will help absorb moisture and it will also reduce the musty smell, especially in closed spaces like closets and pantries. See directions on the box. 

A Natural Solution With Superior Results

In addition to these simple steps above, there are times when you simply need more horsepower to solve your musty odor problem.  Fortunately, mother nature's solution for cleaning the outdoor air is now available to eliminate indoor odors!  SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators deliver a blast of nature's most powerful odor eliminator, ozone, for your home.  Used in the hospitality industry for years, ozone generators are now a common tool for: Car Detailers, Flood & Fire Clean-up, Natural Disasters, BINGO Halls, and Bars/Restaurants.  Advanced Purification sells these generators on-line at  Visit their site and learn how this affordable  tool can be used to help keep your home smelling fresh and safe from indoor pollution.

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