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Safe and Complete Odor Removal in Elder Care Facilities

By Brooks / Dan   |  October 22, 2016
Safe and Complete Odor Removal in Elder Care Facilities
Removing odors and dangerous bacteria in Assisted Living and Nursing Home environments is now possible with the SanusAer® high output ozone generators. Eliminating the odors and dangerous bacteria that the previous resident left behind, ensures a better quality of life.

Prevent the Spread of Ebola with SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators

By Brooks / Dan   |  December 6, 2014
SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators create high amounts of ozone which is scientifically proven to destroy biological pollutants such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. In this video, we discuss how a SanusAer High Output Ozone Generator can effectively prevent the spread of the Ebola Virus.

Locker Room Odors

By Brooks / Dan   |  March 30, 2014
Locker Room Odors
Locker room odors are caused by microorganisms that thrive in wet environments. Eliminate odors with these techniques, which includes the use of ozone.
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