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Is Your Home Sick? Homeowner Questions & Answers About Indoor Pollution

By Brooks / Dan   |  March 3, 2018
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 6-out-of-10 homes and buildings are “sick,” meaning that they are hazardous to the occupant’s health!  These days, people spend 90% of their time indoors!!!

Hurricane Matthew - SanusAer to the Rescue!

By Brooks / Dan   |  October 18, 2016
Hurricane Matthew - SanusAer to the Rescue!
Ozone is scientifically proven to deodorize, disinfect, and destroy the biological pollutants that are left behind when flood waters invade a home. After Hurricane Matthew, SanusAer high output ozone generators are an invaluable tool to reclaim homes impacted by rising waters.

Prevent the Spread of Ebola with SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators

By Brooks / Dan   |  December 6, 2014
SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators create high amounts of ozone which is scientifically proven to destroy biological pollutants such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. In this video, we discuss how a SanusAer High Output Ozone Generator can effectively prevent the spread of the Ebola Virus.

How Much Ozone Do You Need for an Effective Shock Treatment

By Brooks / Dan   |  December 6, 2014
In this blog we discuss the amount of ozone output required for an effective shock treatment, which can remove the following pollutants from the indoor environment: Odors, Mold & Mildew, Bacteria, Viruses, Tobacco, Flood, Fire, and Allergens,

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