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Is Your Home Sick? Homeowner Questions & Answers About Indoor Pollution

By Brooks / Dan   |  March 3, 2018
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 6-out-of-10 homes and buildings are “sick,” meaning that they are hazardous to the occupant’s health!  These days, people spend 90% of their time indoors!!!

Restaurant / Bar Odor Removal

By Brooks / Dan   |  November 19, 2016
Restaurant / Bar Odor Removal
Eating and drinking establishments build up odors from the food and beverages they prepare, as well as other factors such as body odors, humidity in the kitchen, and smoke. SanusAer Ozone generators are a powerful odor eliminator that will destroy odors at their source.

Car Odors and Dangerous Bacteria Eliminated by Ozone

By Brooks / Dan   |  December 16, 2014
SanusAer® high output ozone generators will eliminate the odors and dangerous microorganisms that are collecting on interior surfaces of your vehicle, capable of reaching every crack and crevice, including those areas that are impossible to clean with standard methods.
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