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Commercial Cannabis Odor Control & Sanitization

Ozone has many applications in large commercial cannabis production, from odor control and sanitization to complete sterilization of a grow-room.  SanusAer generators deliver high of quality ozone gas for safe treatments that can be used for the elimination of bud rot, spider mites, mold, and odors. 

Ozone generators are becoming more affordable and are a common feature in larger commercial grow-rooms.  Domestic and industrial use of ozone is not new but translating the many benefits into a grow operation deserves a little attention.  An inexpensive ozone generator is capable of saving crops from molds, battling predators, oxygenating root zones, sterilizing equipment, disinfecting entire grow-rooms and more.  The ozone we generate in grow-rooms is the same stuff that protects us in the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere, but it won’t harm the planet.  In fact, ozone is one of the only “green” technologies used for sanitization and odor control available today because it reverts back to clean breathable oxygen after a treatment.

Problem: Cleaning a grow-room with standard chemicals and methods is not 100% effective, because it is impossible to get to every surface.  As a result, molds and spider mites can continue to survive in commercial grow-rooms.  In addition, there is the ever present ‘Grow-Room Smell’ the main component of which is caused by a terpene called myrcene, which can be high in some strains of marijuana.  This odor can become so unpleasant that nearby residents will complain about the smell, which can be detected more than a mile from the cultivation area or grow room.


Solution Ozone is the most effective sanitizing agent because it is a gas that will reach everywhere air currents travel, thus disinfecting / sanitizing surfaces not available to standard cleaning methods.  The exclusive SanusAer® design provides the most effective delivery of Ozone to a given treatment area, resulting in a faster, more complete room sanitization.  For problem odors, ozone is actually used right inside the ventilation duct.  This gives an extra insurance against unwanted odors escaping.  It works great and is completely safe because the ozone is immediately extracted through ventilation to the outside, leaving no possibility of ozone buildup inside the grow-room.

Note: Whether for controlling mites, or to eliminate odors in Cannabis Operations, ozone is not only extremely effective, but safe when used in unoccupied spaces. 

SanusAer high output generators deliver high quality ozone for safe elimination of bud rot, spider mites, mold, and odors.
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