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Ozone: Nature\'s Most Effective Deodorizer

The use of Ozone as an odor elimination strategy is gaining popularity as more powerful Ozone Generators, like SanusAer®'s high output ozone generator series, have entered the market.  Ozone, an environmentally-friendly substance that attacks odors at the molecular level, is made from oxyge Read More...

SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators Redefine Reliable Ozone Delivery

Advanced Purification announces the launch of their 2016 line of SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators, used in odor remediation and indoor sanitization.  Professionals requiring reliable ozone delivery can count on the superior performance of SanusAer Ozone Generators.  Brooks Brown, one Read More...

Remove Smoke Odor From Your Favorite Clothes | SanusAer Ozone Generators

Smoke damaged clothing, draperies and bedding can be completely restored utilizing a comprehensive cleaning strategy that includes ozone treatments. SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators used in a confined chamber containing the smoke damaged fabric items, will permanently eliminate the odors at the Read More...

Eliminate Tobacco Smoke Odors | SanusAer Ozone Generators

Tobacco Smoke will permeate carpet, draperies, bedding, and other "soft" materials, making it very difficult to eliminate the smell. However, you can reclaim a space degraded by tobacco smoke by utilizing SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators and shock treatment methods.    &nb Read More...

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