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SanusAer Safety Guidelines When Using an Ozone Generator

What is Ozone: Ozone is activated oxygen, with three oxygen molecules instead of the two found in the air we breathe.  It is nature’s built-in purification system created by the waves of the ocean, lightening in a thunderstorm, and the rain forest.  It serves to& Read More...

Get Rid Of Odors In Your Home | SanusAer Ozone Generators

Problem odors aren't often noticeable by the homeowner, rather, a neighbor or guest is usually left wondering, "what is that whiff?" Pet, mold or mildew, smoking, and cooking odors can sometimes be masked with plug-ins and sprays, but typically, they end up being a continual embarrassment for you an Read More...

Locker Room and Gym Odors Removal | SanusAer Ozone Generators

Sports and fitness centers, gyms and locker rooms can all have problem odors, which are a result of bacterial growth. Ozone destroys the microorganisms at the source of the problem eliminating the odors and the risk of infection.               &nb Read More...

Freight and Warehouses Odor Removal | SanusAer Ozone Generators

Odors of biological or chemical origin are prevalent in warehouses and shipping containers and can often cross-contaminate other shipments. Complete odor removal and disinfection is now possible with high output ozone generators provided by SanusAer®.          Read More...

SanusAer Operating Manuals

SanusAer 14000 Operating Manual SanusAer 28000 Operating Manual

SanusAer Operating Manuals N

SanusAer 7000 Operating Manual SanusAer 14000 Operating Manual SanusAer 28000 Operating Manual Read More...

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