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Locker Room Odors

Locker Room OdorsWhere is the first and last place your members visit when they come to your fitness facility?  That's right, the locker room.  It is the one place that leaves a lasting impression on members and can completely turn them off to your entire operation if there is excess humid Read More...
Author: Brooks / Dan
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Natural Solutions for Home Odors

Natural Ways To Curb Musty OdorEverybody looks forward to summer!  But have you ever noticed that with hot Summer days comes a musty smell in your home that is difficult to remove?  The smell can be as bad as a fish market!  Ever wonder why this musty odor reappears every year? Perhap Read More...

High Output Ozone Generators and Machines | Musty Smell - SanusAer

As the most innovative and effective ozone delivery system available today, SanusAer's unique ozone generator design has all of these important features: High Ozone Output Dual Fan Format* Compact Size Durable Housing Easy Maintenance Adjustable Ozone Output Vertical Flow Read More...

Ozone Generator Capabilities

There are countless applications for a powerful oxidant such as ozone, including Deodorization, Allergen Elimination, and Fire & Flood Remediation.  The length of treatment required will depend on each circumstance: What Ozone Does - High Output Ozone Generators, when used in "sh Read More...

Locker Room and Gym Odors Removal | SanusAer Ozone Generators

Sports and fitness centers, gyms and locker rooms can all have problem odors, which are a result of bacterial growth. Ozone destroys the microorganisms at the source of the problem eliminating the odors and the risk of infection.               &nb Read More...

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