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How Much Ozone Do You Need for an Effective Shock Treatment

The measure of an ozone generator's output is the number of milligrams of ozone produced per hour, or mg/hour. To be an effective tool for odor removal and sanitization, an ozone generator must produce enough ozone to saturate the treatment area. The general rule of thumb is that every 1,000 mg of o Read More...

Hurricane Matthew - SanusAer to the Rescue!

Flood • Odor Elimination & DisinfectionWhen homes flood, the waters often bring unintended consequences: bacteria, viruses, and especially mold.  With mold comes odors and longer lasting spores.  Making the property safe, while deodorizing the space, is now possible with SanusAer Read More...

Hotel / Motel - Odor Removal

Eliminating hotel odors is a breeze when you attack the problem at the source with the use of SanusAer high output ozone generators. Say good bye to artificial fragrances, and welcome to the future of healthier indoor living. A July 2007 survey by JD Powers and Associates found that "hotel Read More...

Natural Solutions for Home Odors

Natural Ways To Curb Musty OdorEverybody looks forward to summer!  But have you ever noticed that with hot Summer days comes a musty smell in your home that is difficult to remove?  The smell can be as bad as a fish market!  Ever wonder why this musty odor reappears every year? Perhap Read More...

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