Ozone Plate Maintenance

Advanced Purification's innovative high output ozone generator has a design that ensures trouble free operation and low cost maintenance. With easy access to the ozone plates, (eight screws secure the top), it is possible to clean or replace them in a matter of minutes on the SA14000 and SA28000 models.  The SA7000 model must be returned for ozone plate replacement for a minimal charge.

Ozone Plate Maintenance or Replacement: 

  • Remove the cabinet top by unscrewing the eight screws that secure it to the bottom with a Philips screw driver.
  • Identify the ceramic ozone plates mounted in the center of the unit. Gently pull to unplug plates.
  • Note that the plates have a "front" and "back" side.  The "front" is the side that produces the ozone when energized and has the metal strips with the blue background.  The back side is plain and is green.
  • Be very careful not to touch the ozone plates shortly after the unit has been running because they get very hot. 
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NOTE: Whenever handling the ozone plates, avoid touching the surface. Instead, grab the ozone plate by the edge when removing or installing. The oils from your skin can foul the ozone plate, making it less effective.

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Ozone Plate Cleaning: [Recommended every 500 hours]

  • Using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, wipe the front of the ozone plate to remove any build-up.
  • The ozone plates must be dry before reinstalling them. 
  • When reinstalling the ozone plates (14000 & 28000):
    • The front of the ozone plates are opposite (i.e. green backs face each other).
    • When finished, secure the top of the ozone generator with the eight screws.

Replacing Ozone Plates:
[Recommended every 1,500 hours]

  • Replacement ozone plates can be ordered by clicking here.
  • When reinstalling the new ozone plates, see section above (Ozone Plate Cleaning) for proper orientation.
  • When finished, replace the top of the ozone machine, and secure it with the eight screws.

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