SanusAer Safety Guidelines When Using an Ozone Generator

What is Ozone:

Ozone is activated oxygen, with three oxygen molecules instead of the two found in the air we breathe.  It is nature’s built-in purification system created by the waves of the ocean, lightening in a thunderstorm, and the rain forest.  It serves to reduce pollution naturally.  Of course, it is also plays a role as a protective layer in the upper atmosphere, (more specifically the stratosphere), that filters out the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, preventing most of it from reaching the earth’s surface.  On the earth's surface, ozone has a half-life of about twenty minutes, meaning that one of the three oxygen molecules is unstable and seeks to combine with either another free oxygen molecule or a pollutant that will be ‘oxidized’ or destroyed.  

The Powers of Ozone Generators:

The powers of ozone were first used in an industrial application in a drinking water plant built at Oudshoom, Holland in 1893. It is also used to purify all bottled water today, and to sanitize fruits and vegetables.  As one of the earth’s strongest oxidants, nature uses ozone to purify the outdoors.  Now SanusAer® harnesses that same power for use indoors.  Partner with nature to safely deodorize, disinfect, and destroy the sources that poison the indoors. 

Important Ozone Generator Safety Guidelines:

  • For use in UNOCCUPIED and SECURED space, NO People, NO Pets and NO Plants.No People, Pets or Plants During Ozone Treatments
  • For use by adults only. Never allow children to operate the ozone generator. 
  • Over-exposure to ozone can cause mucous membrane and respiratory irritation.
  • Those with asthma or other upper respiratory illnesses, will be more sensitive to ozone.
  • For added safety, we recommend all users wear a carbon filter, chemical vapor respirator mask
    (P95 or greater rating) while entering / exiting the treatment area.

       When you buy ozone generator, be sure to buy a P95 mask     
 A SanusAer High Output Ozone Generator can be used to destry musty basement odors    When you buy ozone generator, be sure to buy a P95 mask


  • Ozone Generator must be off for 2 hours before re-entry into treatment area. If there is still a strong sanitizing smell upon re-entry, check the unit to ensure that it is off and ventilate the area until the ozone gas is gone.
  • Never operate the ozone machine near water or around flammable liquids.  Because the generator uses an electrical spark to create ozone, it should not be used around explosive gases or flammable objects.
  • Never service the ozone generator yourself, except to clean or replace the ozone plates. Doing so, will void the
  • Although safe for use around food and electronics, remove all treasured art work or valuables from the treatment area (e.g. oil paintings). If exposed for long periods of time, natural rubber will degrade.
  • Recommend posting signage during treatments to warn individuals to not enter:

SanusAer High Output Commercial Ozone Generators Can Safely Eliminate Odors and Remove Allergens from the Indoors


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