"We have used your SanusAer services for many years to aid the sanitization and odor control of our YMCA facilities. While we still plan to use your services for very large treatment needs, we are using the two SanusAer 14,000 generators you sold us on a regular basis in our locker rooms, saunas, and steam rooms. This is keep those areas clean and odor free, something that was impossible before we became aware of your services and generators. Thank you again…you guys are great!"

- Chad W.
"Perfect timing! You just presented your SanusAer generator capabilities to our staff at the same time we were experiencing two of our residents with MRSA (the “super-bug”). We quickly put two of your generators to work and sanitized several key areas within our assisted living facility. We are convinced this eliminated the potential for a much bigger issue. We now use the Sanusaer ozone generators regularly and haven’t had any MRSA issues since. Thank you for making our lives easier and safer. "

- Bev S.
Assisted Living
"Thank you for making such a great ozone generator! I can’t tell you how many different ones we have used over the years and all of them were junk! Yours is spot on!!"

- Charles B.
Powell, Ohio
"The SanusAer generator did a wonderful job purifying my condominium. It smells like brand new! My basement flooded several times and had a musty smell…and now the smell is gone!!! I am also an occasional smoker, and my friends tell me that the smoke smell is gone as well. Your SanusAer generator is truly amazing! We plan to use it regularly. "

- Theresa P.
Tucson, Az.
"I run a mold remediation company in Baton Rouge, LA and have had experience with many types of ozone cannons. Some of these have been the expensive ones made out of stainless steel. What a waste of money! You would think because it is stainless that is would last longer. I bought my first unit from Advanced Purification some time ago and have purchased 4 more since. I will be a customer for life or at least as long as I own this business. You make the best generators I’ve seen for a low cost! The design is unique and amazing. I especially like the fact that with the two fans blowing out the top you can sit the generators on the floor and not have to put them up in the air on a stand or something. This saves me the extra work and having to figure out a stable place to set them on top of. Keep on making an awesome ozone machine! "

- Roger S.
Mold Inspection Services
Baton Rouge, LA
"Your generators were the perfect solution to our schools sickness issues. We set them up over the weekend and treated all the classrooms and high activity areas. On Monday, most of our students returned and the typical sickness rates dropped under normal levels…amazing! As a result, our janitor uses the generators on a regular basis and it appears to be keeping down the illness levels and getting rid of many of the normal odors you experience in locker rooms. Interestingly, I really think our students and staff are feeling better and breathing better also. "

- Cara W.
Willis Secondary
"Thanks again for offering such a great generator for the money. We have used several different ozone generators over the years and with regular usage each one failed us in a short period of time. You provide a great ozone generator that is very tough, is easy to use and store. It is also the only one I’ve seen that pushes the ozone out of the top. With the two side fans it pushes the ozone to the ceiling without any issues. I used to have to carry stands and more fans on my trucks, but you have saved me from that and made my set up and use easier and faster. Heck, your units are so tuff we probably couldn’t break one if we wanted to. With your generators we are keeping all of our apartments and condo owners safe and odor free. "

- Jim C.
Apex Property Management
North Carolina
"I own a real estate staging company and often run into properties that have odor issues for a multitude of reasons – pet, smoke, cooking, etc. Up until now, my only recommendations have been to shampoo the carpets, wash down the walls, and just try to clean things as best as possible. Then prior to a property viewing, I would recommend burning candles, or baking bread in the oven. Sometimes this worked, but most people are capable of figuring out what we were trying to do. As a result of continuing to struggle with this issue, I found your business online and decided to purchase your SanusAer 28,000 model. I was a little apprehensive at first, but have been nothing but amazed at how well it works. I have used it over 10 times now and have had incredible results. This unit has eliminated some of the foulest odors I have ever had to deal with. Thank you for making such a great product. It is rugged, easy to use, and small enough that I carry it in my trunk all the time. "

- Loraine P.
Westside Staging Services
"I just bought the 14000, and I love it. It's performance is great. I only have to use the unit a couple of minutes, two - three times a day for maintenance. When I need a quick clean up in the cars or kitchen, it's performance is appreciated. Thanks again."

- Victor M.
Personal Use
Royal Palm Beach, Florida
"I received the O3 plates today. Thank you for your very fast service. Solid 10 out of 10. Packing effective and suitable. You have the best price I have found…... Seriously, the design is simple, elegant and clever....it made me smile. I use ozone to take care of mold, mildew and all odors in the covers of records that come into my shop."

- Greg R.
Raleigh, North Carolina

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