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Information for Ozone Generator Buyers

Ozone Generator Safety 

Ozone generators should only be used in unoccupied spaces.  All People, Pets, and Plants shall be removed from the area being treated.  An ozone machine is NOT an air purifier that can run in the background while people are present.  Ozone exposure limits are set by the EPA, which is why it is only appropriate to use this equipment in "Shock Treatment" applications, (in unoccupied spaces), and then when re-occupying the area it is imperative to thoroughly ventilate the area beforehand.  If someone must gain access to an area undergoing treatment, the use of a P-95 ventilator mask or a self-contained breathing apparatus is required, and then, exposure should be limited to a very short time.

Ozone generator technology and its uses have been around for decades, and has an extremely successful safety record; however, ozone should be used with caution.  Eye and respiratory irritation have been reported in long term exposure situations; though, these concerns should not apply to this equipment as long as proper precautions are undertaken and it is used for its intended purpose (i.e. shock treatments of unoccupied spaces).  Some people are more sensitive to exposure than others, especially those with pre-existing conditions (such as asthma or COPD).

Ozone Generator Output

The most critical feature of an ozone generator is the output (typically measured in mg of Ozone/hour). There are some sellers on the internet that don't list the output of their ozone generators.  Typically, this is because the output level of their ozone generators are not high enough to effectively conduct a true "shock treatment."   Additionally some manufacturers make claims about the area their ozone machine is capable of treating, stating that a single ozone generator can effectively treat several thousand square feet of space.  The general guideline for a professional ozone shock treatment is 1,000 mg of Ozone output for 100 square feet of space with 10 foot ceilings. It is nearly impossible to pre-determine  how much area an ozone generator can treat because there are several factors involved, including: the condition of the building, the structure, the contents, and the level of pollutants in the building.

Ozone Generator Maintenance 

Does the manufacturer have recommendations about the maintenance that must be conducted to extend the life of the ozone generator?  It should be easy and affordable to replace the ozone generating elements (e.g. ozone plate).  With some ozone machines, the user can't clean the elements and the ozone generator must be sent back in to the manufacturer at a considerable expense to replace the ozone plates.

Money Back Guarantee 

It is critical for the manufacturer to stand by their ozone generators, and to offer an extended warranty in addition to a no questions asked money-back guarantee.  

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