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Sanitizing Vehicles Eliminating Odors

Because of the moist environment inside many marine vessels, (boats, yachts and cruise liners), and other Recreational Vehicles,  the potential for the growth of microorganisms is ever present, and the development of odors in many spaces is inevitable.  Odor removal with the SanusAer high output ozone generators is quick and easy and your Boat / RV will always smell fresh and clean. 

SanusAer ozone eliminates the odors and dangerous microorganisms collecting on interior surfaces of your Car, Boat, or RV.

Problem:  In addition to the high moisture environment, people often spill food and beverages which end up in hard-to-reach places, and also contribute to the growth of microorganisms.  Fish, cooking, pet, bilge, head, tobacco, and body odors are prevalent, as well.   Problem odors can really detract from the experience while using your boat or RV, and will also reduce its value.  


Solution: To remove odors from a Boat or RV, the area being treated should be enclosed to allow the ozone gas to concentrate and improve treatment efficacy.  Place a SanusAer high output generator in the unoccupied space and let the area fill with ozone gas.  All closets, cabinets and closed off areas should be opened up to allow the ozone to reach all surfaces freely.  The timer should be set, depending upon on the severity of the odors, and the space should be allowed to "air-out" before re-entry.  Because it is a gas, the ozone will travel to all areas, (anywhere air currents travel), reaching the cracks and crevices where microorganisms hide, eliminating the odors at their source.  As a result, you and your passengers will enjoy a fresher/cleaner environment.


If the Boat or RV has air conditioning, the fan on the thermostat may be turned to the ON position during the treatment to help circulate the ozone gas throughout the space and to ensure that the ductwork gets treated as well.


Note: Ozone leaves a clean, sanitized smell which eventually dissipates, leaving the natural scent of the wood and other building materials. Frequent treatments will substantially reduce the microorganism count, and will prevent the persistent odors from gaining a foothold in your Boat or RV.  As a result, your family and guests will enjoy a safe and clean smelling environment.

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