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Cigarette Smoke  Odor Removal

Tobacco Smoke will permeate carpet, draperies, bedding, and other "soft" materials, making it very difficult to eliminate the smell.   However, you can reclaim a space degraded by tobacco smoke by utilizing SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators and shock treatment methods. 

Reclaim space degraded by tobacco smoke by using SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators and shock treatment methods to destroy smoke odors chemically at their source.

Smoke Odors in the home, office, restaurant, bar, or any public gathering place, are intolerable for most people. Whether it be Cigarette, Cigar, Pipe, or Cannabis, removing smoke odors using SanusAer® shock treatments is the most effective method available today.  Ozone is capable of breaking down the long-chain bonds of the smoke molecules embedded in fabric materials, thus destroying the odor at its source.  Ozone literally "disassembles" odors at a chemical level.  The SanusAer ozone generator is placed in a space with smoke odors and as the gas concentrates, it initiates the chemical breakdown of the smoke molecules.  Of course, ozone is an extremely fast-acting oxidant that works on virtually ALL odor sources.  Best of all, it converts back to clean breathable oxygen, so there are no chemicals left behind.  SanusAer is also very effective in buildings that have suffered fire and/or smoke damage.


Problem: Tobacco smoke or any smoke damage is very difficult to eliminate, because the source of the problem is gaseous, and has typically invaded every surface in a building.  Because it is very difficult to physically clean every surface of a room with standard cleaning chemicals and mechanical methods, many people resort to "air fresheners" to mask the odor.  Of course, this strategy is not only ineffective, but also dangerous, because the "chemicals" in many air fresheners include phthalates which are proven bad actors. 


Solution: To eliminate tobacco smoke odor, close off the area to be treated and place a SanusAer high output ozone generator in center of the treatment area, set the timer, and let the ozone attack smoke odors at their source.  Of course, the area must be vacant, (no People, Pets, or Plants), during the treatment.  As a gas, ozone will follow the same path that the tobacco smoke took as it traveled through the building, so it can remove the smoke smell from soft materials such as carpets, clothing and upholstery.  The length of the treatment depends upon the severity of the tobacco odor.  If tobacco has only been used for a few days in the space, for example, it may take less than an hour; whereas if it has been used for years, it may take 12 to 24 hours.  As always, allow the ozone to dissipate for at least three hours prior to re-occupying space.


Note: Since ozone concentration is extremely important in ensuring success at removing tobacco smoke odors, high output generators, (like the corona discharge units supplied by SanusAer ) are a must for this type of application.  Also, the fan on the HVAC system may be turned to the ON setting to circulate the ozone gas which will remove the smoke odor that has built up inside the ductwork and the air handling unit as well. During a longer treatment, it is recommended that a window be kept open about 2 inches near the generator to provide a constant source of oxygen to the unit for ozone creation.

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