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Crime Scene Clean-up  Disinfection

Ozone generators have become an important tool in the remediation of crime scenes because ozone is the most effective broad-based disinfection technology available.  Crime death, trauma scenes, and suicide situations require specialized treatment to sanitize and deodorize the hazards that result from these horrific conditions.

Crime death and trauma scene situations require SanusAer Ozone Generators to sanitize and deodorize the hazards that result from these horrific conditions.

Probably the most difficult condition remediation specialists encounter is an unattended death situation.  As a body decays, the odor is truly unbearable.  In addition to the odor, bacteria and other microbiological hazards must be dealt with, including the removal of all traces of biohazard materials and infectious waste, blood, bodily fluids, tissue, and bone matter.  The use of Ozone in these situations is a critical tool for remediating both the odor and the biological hazards. SanusAer® high output ozone generators will deal with both, making clean-up safer for all involved.


Problem Unattended death scenes can be uncovered days, weeks, or even months after the incident, resulting in decomposition, biohazardous or infectious wastes to remediate.  The fumes and vapors from such catastrophes often get embedded in the furniture, drapes, bedding, the carpet and also cling to walls, ceilings and other surfaces.  Of course, microorganisms can thrive in this type of environment as well. 


SolutionOzone effectively treats the odors that result, while destroying the microorganisms that are at the source.  Because it is a gas, ozone follows the same air currents that the crime scene vapors traveled thus eliminating them at their source.  Treating a crime or death scene is as simple as running a SanusAer high output ozone generator in the closed off, unoccupied space, with the treatment time varying, depending upon the severity of the situation. 


Note:  Ozone shock treatments will attack the source of odors, destroying the microbiological hazards at the same time.  Remediation specialists working crime scenes must wear personal protective equipment (including a dual cartridge respirator) while working on these cases.

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