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Destroying Viruses & Bacteria  Microbiological Control

Covid19, SARs, MERs, MRSA, Flesh eating bacteria (Necrotizing Fasciitis), E. coli O157:H7, and C. difficile are examples of dangerous viruses and bacteria that are threatening our society, causing illness, amputations and even death.  During the recent pandemic, people had a heightened awareness about the spread of viruses, but this is not the only thing invading our communities.

Ozone is an effective, broad based antiviral and antibacterial agent when applied with a high output generator.  It is a gas reaching everywhere air currents travel treating all surfaces.

Problem: The worldwide pandemic involving the Coronavirus seems to be winding down, or is it?  We've learned that making businesses safer for its customers / patients is critical to the survival of all businesses here forward.  We've also learned that a vaccine isn’t a magic bullet either, because the nature of a Pandemic Virus is that it is constantly mutating, making it difficult to eradicate.  In fact, the experts have determined that Covid19 will be around for a long time, and its severity cannot be predicted; (in other words, strains could develop that may be worse than the killer we faced in the beginning of the crises).    Additionally, we also learned that all viruses can survive on surfaces for extended periods, and no conventional cleaning methods can sanitize every surface in a facility. 


Solution: Ozone is a remarkably effective, broad based, antiviral and antibacterial agent when applied with a high output generator.  Because it is a reactive gas, ozone reaches everywhere air currents travel, and thus can effectively treat all surfaces, including the nooks and crannies that standard cleaning practices miss.  Ozone is very safe when treatments are conducted in unoccupied spaces, and leaves no chemical residue behind, because it converts back into clean breathable oxygen after the treatment.  Ozone treatments are 100% safe, and ozone is currently being used to treat the food we eat and the water we drink.


Note:  Ozone shock treatments are effective in killing viruses and bacteria on a daily basis and can be conducted overnight when businesses are closed.  This "daily disinfection" approach was very effective during the pandemic, and allowed Dentist and Doctor's offices, Spas and nail salons to remain open during the height of the spread of COVID19.  In fact, most of these businesses and doctor’s offices continue to use SanusAer Generators today, as the “new normal” in keeping the public safer from all the invading microorganisms.

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