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Dry Cleaning Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke damaged clothing, draperies and bedding can be completely restored utilizing a comprehensive cleaning strategy that includes ozone treatments.  SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators used in a confined chamber containing the smoke damaged fabric items, will permanently eliminate the odors at their source.

SanusAer Generators used in a confined chamber containing smoke damaged clothes, destroys smoke odors, restoring the item.

Ozone is the most effective tool for smoke damage remediation, because it is one of nature's most powerful oxidants.  It is capable of breaking down the long-chain bonds of the smoke molecules embedded in fabric materials, thus destroying the odor at its source.  Ozone literally "disassembles" odors at a chemical level.  The SanusAer ozone generator is placed in a enclosed treatment room, (which contains the smoke damaged fabric material), and this allows the gas concentration to rise, initiating the chemical breakdown of the smoke molecules.  Ozone is an extremely fast-acting oxidant that works on virtually ALL odor sources.  Best of all, it converts back to clean breathable oxygen, so there are no chemicals left behind.

Problem After the fire has been extinguished, smoke damage lingers, becoming the most pressing issue to address.  Standard cleaning methods or masking agents are ineffective, because the problem is chemical in nature.   The smell from “smoke damage” is due to an on-going chemical reaction that is releasing very low concentrations of long-chain chemicals.  Many of these chemicals by themselves are not offensive until they combine and start reacting, then the smell can linger for months or even years.  Unfortunately, the human nose is very sensitive to these combined chemicals and can detect odors in the parts per billion range.   


Solution: The absolute best way to remediate smoke odors is by using high output ozone generators in a confined space containing the damaged fabric materials.  As the Ozone concentration increases it  merges with the still-reacting smoke compounds. The reactive gas, (Ozone is only second to fluorine as natures most powerful oxidant), starts pulling apart the long-chain bonds of the smoke molecules, halting the chemical process.  While this is a straightforward process, the concentration of Ozone in the room becomes important as low concentrations means that the reaction strength of the Ozone may not be high enough to pull apart the long chains.  Therefore, low ozone concentrations result in either poor outcomes or very long treatment times.  SanusAer generators operating in a small treatment room, (containing the smoke damaged items), are more effective with the addition of a fan to ensure that the ozone reacts with the chemicals embedded into the fabric. 


Note: Since ozone concentration is extremely important in ensuring success, high output generators, (like the corona discharge units supplied by SanusAer) are a must for this type of application.

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