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First Responders  Disinfect and Deodorize Rescue Vehicles

Our front line first responders are putting their lives at risk every day especially during this pandemic.  Though they may be protected with masks and shields, when they transport patients with COVID-19, their vehicle is exposed with no protection at all.  Disinfect, deodorize, and protect emergency vehicles with SanusAer® high output ozone generators and eliminate the dangerous microorganisms (including the pandemic virus) that collect on the interior surfaces.  Because it is a gas, ozone is capable of reaching every crack and crevice, including those areas that are impossible to sanitize with standard cleaning methods.  Ozone is used by medical professionals nationwide to eliminate the risk of spreading viruses and dangerous bacteria (including MRSA, VRSA, C-diff) to others.

Police cars, ambulances, and medical transport vehicles contain dangerous bacteria and viruses, a mobile Petri dish.

Police cars, ambulances, and medical transport vehicles are harbingers of dangerous bacteria and viruses, almost a mobile Petri dish.  Transporting individuals often transfers sweat, mucous, saliva, blood, and other body fluids onto the surfaces of the vehicle, where the next unsuspecting passenger could be infected.   

Problem Biological pollutants collect on the various interior surfaces of emergency vehicles and can create an extremely dangerous environment for occupants, especially the very young and elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. In addition, accumulated odors are very distracting for the medical personnel treating patients under stressful conditions. 


Solution:  Ozone is a very strong oxidant / disinfectant, and because it is a gas, can quickly and effectively sanitize emergency vehicles, killing the germs and destroying the VOCs that are putting passengers / patients at risk. SanusAer generators deliver high levels of this chemical-free sanitizing agent and will completely saturate and clean anywhere air currents travel. and will do so very quickly. In most cases, treatments of 15 minute to an hour of an unoccupied vehicle, (depending upon the size of the cabin or area being treated), will effectively disinfect, deodorize, and destroy the sources that threaten passengers.  Ozone is the most effective broad based sanitization method available today, and is a green solution, because no dangerous chemicals are left behind.

NoteThis SanusAer solution can also be used by clinics and urgent care facilities to protect patients from the hidden dangers that come from the microorganisms that buildup from the numerous sick people that come every day for treatment. Using the SanusAer technology is safe, easy, and inexpensive; a green technology that is of real benefit to passengers, reducing their risk of infection!

Treat Police cars, ambulances, and medical transport vehicles with SanusAer to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Always read the SanusAer® manual before operating the unit and reference the specific treatment recommendations provided.  This unit can be dangerous if not used properly.

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