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Elder Care Disinfect and Deodorize

Ensuring that Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities are free from viruses and dangerous bacteria is critical during the pandemic.  With SanusAer high output ozone generators, this is now possible, making the environment safer for our most vulnerable among us.

Protect your residents and staff by disinfecting all surfaces with ozone, in your Nursing Home or Assisted Living facility.

In the age of the COVID-19 Pandemic, protecting your residents and staff is paramount to a successful Nursing Home or Assisted Living facility.  Typical cleaning methods are no longer sufficient to ensure that all surfaces have been disinfected.  A more broad-based approach, using ozone gas, is effective because it reaches everywhere air currents travel and is scientifically proven to eliminate viruses and dangerous bacteria lingering on surfaces.  The use of ozone gas to disinfect your facility is a critical tool for the “new normal” in elder care.


Problem: Cleaning a room with standard chemicals and methods is not 100% effective, because it is impossible to get to every surface.  As a result, viruses and opportunistic bacteria thrive in Elder Care facilities, including (MRSA, VRSA, C-diff), and pose an immediate threat to the residents.  In addition, there is the ever present ‘Hospital Smell’ that is the unique combination of body odors, waste and bodily fluids, food / beverage spills, that permeates the furniture, drapes, bedding, and carpet.


Solution: Ozone is the most effective cleaning agent in these situations because it is a gas that will reach everywhere air currents travel, thus disinfecting / sanitizing surfaces not available to the housekeeping staff.  After the traditional cleaning is complete, a SanusAer high output generator is used for a pre-determined treatment time.  The exclusive SanusAer® design provides the most effective delivery of Ozone to a given treatment area, resulting in a faster, more complete room sanitization and elimination of problem odors.

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