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Doctor / Dental Office Disinfection

In the age of the COVID-19 Pandemic, protecting your patients and staff is paramount to a successful practice.  Typical cleaning methods are no longer sufficient to ensure that all surfaces in your medical office have been disinfected.  A more broad-based approach, using ozone gas, is effective because it reaches everywhere air currents travel and is scientifically proven to eliminate viruses and dangerous bacteria lingering on surfaces.  The use of ozone gas to disinfect medical offices is a critical tool for the “new normal” in successful practices.

Disinfecting medical offices using ozone is effective because it reaches everywhere air currents travel and destroys germs.

SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators are the most effective generator on the market today and very simple to set-up and operate; literally, plug and play. Our generators create an electrical spark that converts Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3).


This three-atom molecule seeks out and attaches to all biological elements (viruses, bacteria, and mold), as well as chemical pollutants (VOCs).The microbes are oxidized and destroyed as the ozone molecule converts back into clean, breathable oxygen.  This is effective technology, that is completely safe, with no chemical residues left behind.


The added benefit is that it is also an odor eliminator that destroys odors at their source, while killing microorganisms that put your staff and patients at risk.


Note: The HVAC fan can be turned ON during the treatments to more effectively circulate the ozone and eliminate any microbes that have built up inside the ductwork.

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