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7 Things to Consider Before Buying an Ozone Generator

If you have problem odors in your home, you might consider buying an ozone generator to eliminate these odors at their source. Ozone generators are also effective at eliminating odors in cars, boats, and RVs.

However, due to varying ozone outputs and some vendors that oversell their unit’s capabilities, buying these machines can be confusing. So, how do you make sure you purchase the right ozone generator for the money. Read on to discover 7 things to consider before buying an Ozone Generator:


Ozone generators are a versatile tool, with multiple applications, and are extremely effective at eliminating problem odors in the home. As with all technology products, there are units with various price points, corresponding to varying levels of quality. Of course, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. In fact, it is the generator’s functionality and its overall design that should drive your buying decision; with price still important, but secondary to the required features that will lead to your overall satisfaction after the purchase. There are a variety of ozone generators on the market today, all with very similar designs:

i. a generating element (typically Ultraviolet or Corona Discharge), ii. a fan that pushes the gas out of the unit’s housing; and iii. the unit’s cabinet, with power cord, on/off switch, etc.

Take Away: Be aware of what you’re paying for with your investment. A stainless-steel cabinet is pretty, but it has nothing to do with the amount of ozone generated by the unit. Large, expensive, bulky units aren’t necessarily the best investment. Also consider the design elements that provide advantages down the line in terms of unit maintenance.


The “quality” discussion begins with the technology of the ozone generation. “Shock Treatment” levels of ozone are required to be effective in addressing all of the problems mentioned in the Applications section above. In order to achieve success with ozone “Shock Treatments,” you need a generator with the Corona Discharge method, (the Ultraviolet generators do not have the necessary output).

Take Away: The Corona Discharge method of ozone generation produces higher levels of ozone for the money. Dividing the cost of the unit by the hourly ozone output provides a metric of the cost per mg of ozone generated. We recommend not paying over 3-4¢/mg/hr of ozone output, depending upon generator size. Generally, the larger the generator the lower the mg/hour cost of ozone.


When choosing a generator, make certain that you know how much ozone the unit will deliver, generally measured in milligrams per hour or (mg/hr). If the manufacturer doesn’t list the unit’s output, chances are the output levels are low, (and most likely too low to be an effective tool). As noted above, the Corona Discharge method is actually more economical than Ultraviolet generation which means that you will get more mg/hour output for your money.

Take Away: Manufacturers of ozone generators should always list the ozone output of the unit. Stay away from manufacturers that do not! Some of these very same manufacturers make wild claims about the size of the space their generators will treat. Realize that output is the most important element of generator performance. The higher the ozone output the more effective the “shock treatment” will be, and generally the less treatment time required.


Another quality element to pay attention to is the fan used to move the gas out of the cabinet and into the room. Believe it or not, “bigger isn’t always better!” Some manufacturers brag of having high horsepower blowers, but they actually promote reduced plate life, by increasing the temperature of their operation.

Take Away: Almost all generators on the market today have a fan pushing the ozone gas out of a cannon-style cabinet in a linear fashion. This approach is limiting in that these units typically have to be elevated as ozone gas is heavier than air. Models with a ‘vertical flow system’ project the gas upwards and may eliminate the need to elevate the unit during treatments.


The generator’s housing is another element to discuss. Some manufacturers spend a fortune on stainless steel cabinets which adds cost and unnecessary weight. As it happens, some of the lower output generators on the market today (Ultraviolet units), are sold in expensive stainless-steel housings! In addition to being heavier, these units generally aren’t stackable, so they are harder to transport and store.

Take Away: The housing should be durable, and it should also be chemically / ultraviolet resistant; however, it doesn’t need to be stainless steel. Also, look for compact designs, as they will be easier to transport and store.


The ability to maintain the generator yourself is a very important feature. Cleaning the generation source or replacing a fuse should be easy for all levels of users. Additionally, the cost of maintaining the unit (e.g. changing the plates) should also be economical. Many units on the market today don’t have “cleanable” generating elements, and to replace these elements costs a small fortune.

Take Away: Many generators on the market today have designs that require a technician to service the unit. Changing generator plates in some units requires that the unit be sent into the manufacturer. Plate cleaning and replacement is very important in extending the life of your investment and should be affordable for the user.


Choose a manufacturer that stands by their product. There are two ways a manufacturer can demonstrate their commitment to your satisfaction:

i. Money Back Guarantee: Does the manufacturer accept the return of the generator, assuming it is in “like new” condition, within a specified time frame? ii. Warranty: Does the manufacturer warrant that the generator will be free from defects in material and workmanship for an extended period after purchase?

Take Away: Do your homework! Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable manufacturer, one with actual experience using ozone generators, one that is intent on your satisfaction with their product. A Money Back Guarantee and a solid Warranty package is a must!

At Advanced Purification, we offer a variety of safe and effective ozone generators and unmatched customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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